So I wrote this back in early June, and then got busy making. I had a great summer, and what I wrote below can’t begin to express my gratitude to Bo for opening his home to me. It’s good to have friends.

June 2014

I feel incredibly lucky that in addition to the time and space to make, I get to spend the summer hanging with one of my closest friends from grad school. Bo is an Assistant Professor of Art at Columbia College and it’s great to see the life he’s built for himself here. In grad school we lived in tiny little apartments, and spent our time making pots, or drinking beer and talking about pots.

It’s amazing to be a guest in his home.

photo 3 (3)

getting to know the outsider art on the walls…..


working my way through the album collection in the evenings….

photo (1)

trying to decide which Eames chair is my favorite….

photo (2)

which cup to use for my tea….

2014-06-11 08.05.23 HDR

exploring all of the bits & pieces he’s collected over the years….

photo 3 (1)

photo 2 (2)

photo 3

I’m savoring each & every day…..

photo (3)

and we still find time to debate pots. We just drink better beer these days.

Thanks Bo!

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