Surface Extravaganza 2011

Graduate work – thrown and altered porcelain with slip trailing and underglaze decals, fired to ^6 in oxidation

2 replies on “color! color! color!

  1. Candra–My name is Helen Widger and we lived in Ellicottville for 50 yrs or so. If I am guessing correctly your mother is an artist and she married a Meacham. Are you their daughter? I am so interested in your work and wish you success. The Bridge interests ever so much as I love all white, smooth surfaces –why I do not know! I do not wish to get dailynews on my e mail as there is enuf now that I have to delete. But would love to hear news of your family, your grandmother I know so well. address is We live in Naples Fl now and do not come back to WNY. Hope to hear how everyone is and where. I remember your mother went to Arizona and I believe your grandmother followed several yrs later. John and I are both86 yrs old and have some health problem as you might imagine. It was cheer us so to hear your news.


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