I am interested in the conceptual implications of multiple forms and the re-interpretation of discarded materials. The process of creating through slip casting in multiples has strong parallels to the loss of individuality that the global economy and the use of virtual communications bring to our lifestyles. More and more the elements of our every day lives are machine made parts that can be purchased and used all over the world. From our laptops and cell phones to our clothing and household goods, the majority of the items that we come in contact with on a daily basis are mass-produced in vast quantities by anonymous workers in a far off country. Uniformity, this lack of unique and identifiable characteristics, is just one result of the rapid industrialization of our planet.

Incorporating found materials as a counterpoint to the uniform ceramic multiples creates visual and contextual contradictions within the work. Knitted acrylic doilies act not only as a physical counterpoint to the smooth porcelain in material, color and form, but also create a conceptual contrast with their references to handicraft, nostalgia and an era when the internet, cell phones and mass production did not exist. Bright orange construction barrier speaks of grids, networks and modernity while adding a strong formal element to the work. I repurpose the geometric forms found in bulk egg cartons, fruit box cushions and other discarded materials, altering them into unique creations. Using these waste objects I create installations that decry the love of disposability within our society.