Well, that didn’t take long at all, did it?

Before I go rambling off about all that I’ve been up to since August, I should probably share my other slip recipe, as promised. Directions for mixing are the same as the previous recipe – add the materials in the order written, blunging well in between each:


Cone 6 Porcelain Slip from Dylan Beck

Water                            2 gallons

Darvan 7                     68 grams

OM4 Ball Clay           10 lbs

EPK                                5 lbs

Grolleg                          5 lbs

G200 Feldspar            5 lbs

Nepheline Syenite      5 lbs

Silica                             7.5 lbs


This slip isn’t as white or translucent as the previous recipe when thin, but it was very easy to work with, and I used it for all of my thesis work in grad school. Definitely a less costly option!

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